Workers' Compensation

We provide exceptional personal service and deliver creative straightforward solutions to employers and insurers. Our approach to claims gives you a competitive advantage. We have the proven track record, efficiencies, and knowledge, to resolve claims successfully.

We will help you plan and develop a program to optimize successful outcomes. This ranges from supervisor/management training programs and Claim Reviews to early appreciation of potential bottlenecks in the progress of a case.

Other highlights of our Department include:

  • Direct access to the Relationship Partner
  • Service commitments
  • Medicare compliance. Partner, Robert L. Smith, is Medicare Set-Aside Consultant Certified [MSCC]
  • Practice throughout northern Illinois and Wisconsin
  • Wide range of experience in the transportation, construction, retail, and manufacturing sectors
  • Proven track record at trial
  • Successful settlement planning
  • Litigation budgeting
  • All aspects of electronic litigation management
  • Supervisor/Management Best Practices training in topics including accident investigation, understanding the 'process,' employment practices, etc.
  • Free educational seminars
  • Commitment to involve you in all aspects of a case